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News > Iran Deputy Foreign Minister in Hong Kong

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Iranian Diplomat in Hong Kong

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister in Hong Kong


Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Ebrahim Rahimpour, visited Hong Kong from December 5 to 7. During his stay in Hong Kong, he promoted the bilateral relationship with Iran and Hong Kong and met various key figures in economic and trade sector to promote the economic opportunities of two places.

On 5th December, Mr Rahimpour had an in-depth discussion with members of The Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Investment in Hong Kong and Macau. They discussed the general situation and challenges for Iranian to do business in Hong Kong, as well as the ways the Chamber could contribute to the promotion of bilateral realtions.

On 6th December, Mr Rahimpour called on Mr Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, the President of Legislative Council (LegCo). Mr Andrew Leung believed the economic activities will grow in Iran & Hong Kong when more people visit Iran. Mr Rahimpour mentioned that with the sanction being lifted, there are good opportunities for China and Hong Kong to cooperate with Iran. He was also pleased to invite LegCo to have direct cooperation with Iran parliament, as there has been already a friendship group with the one in China. 

Later, the Deputy Foreign Minister had a meeting with Mr Stephen Ng Tin Hoi, Chairman of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) to discuss Hong Kong-Iran trade and cooperation. HKGCC has members who participated in the business delegation to Iran in November. Mr Ng believed in "One Belt, One Road" initiative (OBOR), the cooperation between Iran and Hong Kong would bring advantages in both infrastructure building and trading. Mr Rahimpour mentioned that the market potential of Iran and neighbouring countries is so huge as the large population and also the economic agreement with other Central Asian countries could make Iran as a gate to these markets.

In the afternoon, Mr Rahimpour had meeting with the Deputy Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Mr Arthur Yuen Kwok-hang, to discuss the banking relations between Iran Hong Kong. Later, he met the Chairman of Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC), Dr Vincent Lo Hong-sui, discussion trade and investment opportunities in Iran and structural needs to increased them.




On 7th December, Mr Rahimpour called on the Financial Secretary of HKSAR, Mr John Tsang Chun-wah to discuss the economic opportunities between Iran and Hong Kong. Mr Rahimpour raised the difficulties of Iranians’ using banking services in Hong Kong. Moreover, he pointed out Iran currently had to via Dubai to engage trading with Hong Kong and it would be better the two places could develop direct relations for trading. Besides, Mr Rahimpour updated the latest infrastructure projects and opportunities in energy sectors in Iran to Financial Secretary. With the close relationship among Central Asian countries that Iran has made agreement to foster close ties in logisitics with those countries, Iran become one the gate for opportunities in the region. Mr John Tsang believed that with the negotiation of IPPA and the improving banking situation, Hong Kong, as the international financial hub, can be a complimentary partner of Iran as platform for infrastructure funding. Besides, Hong Kong has well-developed services industries, for instance, financial and professional services, which can support and facilitate Iranian businesses and corporates.





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