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Iran is considered to be the first nation-state in the world. With more than 8.000 years of history and 3.000 of written history, Iran's contribution to human society, science, culture and literature is huge. As the first country with a centralized power and with a vast territory comprising almost half Asia up to seventh century A.C, Iran  established relations with other countries like the Roman and Bizanthine Empires, the Greeks, the Chinese ,  Indians and Egyptians in the ancient times (700 BC to 700 AC) during the famous dynasties of Achemanids, Parts and Sasanids..

Iran entered its second phase of history after the invasion of Arabs and converted from Zoroastrianism to Islam. In the 15th century, the country was re-united and a new central government came to power. The Safavid dynasty promoted trade and foreign relations with Europe and the Persian kingdom continued until 1979, when the Islamic Revolution changed the political system of Iran from a monarchy to a presidential system, where both president and parliament are voted and elected by universal suffrage

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of Non-Alligned Movement and Group of 77 and China. The foreign policy is based on peaceful coexistence with non-belligerent countries, friendly relations with neighbouring and Muslim countries and active interaction with the global economy

Iran is a member of the United Nation Organization and its specialized agencies, an observer member of the World Trade Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Iran is also a founding member of the Economic Cooperation Organization, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and a member of Idian Ocean Ream Association for Regional Cooperation

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