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News > Yusuf Bin Alavi met Iran business Community

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Oman Foreign Minister in Iran Chamber of Commerce

Yusuf Bin Alavi met Iran business Community

Mohsen jalalpour meets Yusuf Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah the Oman Foreign Minister and the officials in Iran Chamber.

Yusuf Bin Alawi the Foreign Minister of Oman who has visited the government officials and President Rouhani came to Iran Chamber of Commerce to emphasize the importance of economic ties and augment the amount of trade exchange between two countries.

Mohsen jalalpour in a meeting with Oman foreign Minister and high ranking officials from banking and industry sectors highlighted the new policies and said: we can't forget the helps and support of the Sultanate of Oman during the sanctions and after the final deal between Iran and five plus one. We should ease the ties between economic activists and support them to do more bilateral works in order to enhance the trade exchange between Iran and Oman.

Making reference to the last two years activities of Joint chamber to send and receive 8 delegations, establishing a joint holding, opening the Oman's trade office in Bandar Abbas, running a direct shipping line between Iran and Oman , he reiterated the interest to enlarge  economic relations and we try to support any kind of legal activities to fulfill our goals.

For his part Yusuf Bin Alawi highlighted the importance of a business forum to explore the potentials of Iran and Oman in next October and said some European and also American companies want to enter the Iranian market through our country. Both side should prepare the ground and also make the necessary arrangements for this event.

Bin Alawi also mentioned the policies to ease the visa getting process by certifying traders by Iran chamber of commerce and said: we decided to give a special facility to Iranian economic activists concerning the bilateral exchange and enhancement of trade volume between.


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